Hi, I’m Iza!

I am originally from the Philippines and migrated to Canada in 2012. I love being a Filipino. I adore the country itself, the beaches, the food, the people. All of it makes a wonderful home. However, since my husband is over here in Toronto, I really had to move. And so far, I’m loving it!

This blog will showcase how I create a life of purpose and happiness. It will bring you to my world, a kind of world that prioritizes the best things in life that money can’t buy: time, love, and good character. It will show you how I spend quality time may it be in just a weekend/short trips with my husband and son, our parents and siblings, and friends with style but doesn’t actually require much of a budget.

I choose experience over material things. I choose good memories over extravagant stuff that traditionally entail life status. I choose to have less rather than excess. If I have more than what my lifestyle demands, I’d rather save up or help out.

Welcome to my life with style.