Hi, I’m Iza!

I was born in the Philippines and migrated to Canada in 2012. I love being Filipino. I adore the country itself, the beaches, the food, the people. All of it makes a wonderful home. When I moved to Toronto, even though I really appreciate my beautiful home country, I got so excited to discover what this beautiful city has to offer.

And so far, I’m loving it!

This blog shows how I create a life of purpose and happiness. Well, generally, it brings you to my world, a kind of world that prioritizes the best things in life that money can’t buy: time, love, and good character.

This blog site has different categories:


My blog posts contain our road trips and some other places my family and I choose to visit during holidays, long weekends, and for staycations. I also feature our short trips from Toronto to Suburbs, how we enjoy visiting small towns across Ontario.

Furthermore, I envision sharing with you my travel dream destinations – places that I’ve written down on my bucket list. So hang on to that.


This specific category features restaurants, food festivals, & other foodie events that my family and my friends occasionally go to or still about to experience.

We love to eat. However, unfortunately, because my son has severe allergic reaction to FISH and SHELLFISH,  you’re definitely not gonna get much of that from this platform.


I personally experienced the importance of spending quality time with my parents and siblings. I remember growing up attending SUNDAY masses with them as one big, happy family. Followed by either going to our favorite restaurants after, or just come home, and eat mom’s saucy spaghetti while watching horror movies with my brothers and sisters.

You will see from my previous and future posts how I apply that kind of lifestyle to my own family accordingly.


Anything about health that is worth sharing. I mean, I am a healthcare professional myself. This category is designed to disseminate significant topics about trends in healthcare, skin care products, diets, health & wellness, and a lot more.


This section is opt to show my readers where we purchase products for our humble abode, how we decorate our own private space, and our family’s home made recipes.


Under this menu, you will see posts about apparel brands that I love, what’s latest about fashion, online stores that I trust, and many more.


Updates about my career and some blogs that inspire people to just follow their dreams.

Welcome to my life with style.