Prince Edward County: The Vic Cafe

Hi everyone!

I still can’t believe we’re already in the middle of 2019. 😲 It’s been great by far but I just hope it would take a little bit slower. I feel like I always don’t get enough time to do stuff and just enjoy, you know…

But.. moving forward, last Canada day long weekend was fantastic. 👌🏻 I am in fact posting 3 blogs about my family and I’s visit to Prince Edward County. That’s how amazing it was.

First up, we ate at one of the must-visit restaurants in town, The Vic Cafe ❤️ It’s a chic nook and an absolutely instagrammable spot where you could bring not just your family but your friends who are into brunches, all day breakfast, and those who consider themselves as healthy eaters.

I find it such a cool idea that customers get to color their place mats while waiting for their orders.

But of course, the FOOD !!!

We ordered:

Kid’s pasta & chocolate smoothie

The garden party burger

The chili mac

They serve vegan and vegetarian mains as well! 🤗

This cafe is filled with bright colours and everything pretty. I wish I could go back here soon and be able to meet who ever is behind it. I would thank him or her for bringing such a piece joy and happiness into the world. 😌

Iza xx

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