Masterclass: Implementing Integrated Care for Older Adults

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Hi everyone! It’s been a while isn’t it?

I’ve been hooked up with some sort of Healthcare Management/Administration courses lately just so you all know. LOL. And because it’s currently our “reading week”, I will be taking the opportunity to write something.

My post re: me attending a Masterclass at the International Federation on Ageing 14th Global Conference is long over due. But it’s never too late as they say! Most especially that it was indeed an amazing learning experience for me. And actually, it was also an eyeopener. So I thought it’s worth sharing.

I attended one of their Masterclasses which was, Implementing Integrated Care for Older Adults with Complex Care needs – why this? Well, among all the masterclasses offered, this one stood out because it’s more related to my passion for improving and innovating ways on how to deliver care – which also is one of the many reasons why I am specializing in Health Services.

Not only that I saw a former colleague during the class, Jodeme Goldhar, who is now the Executive Lead, Strategy and Innovation of The Change Foundation but I also had the privilege to meet some healthcare leaders, managers, professors, policy makers, researchers etc. from 11 different countries who have shaped and continuously influence the healthcare system globally.

My takeaway from the class – for me, what any institution, organization, or jurisdiction need are healthcare professionals who not only pinpoint the underlying issues in implementing integrated care but also those who are willing to strategize and make each and every solution happen.

Additionally, as a professional nurse, my contribution right now is to ensure I have accepted the fact that I am accountable of all the patients I care for. Meaning, every action that I take should be purely based on my patient’s needs and goals. The basic skill of being self-aware of my role as a nurse is what I must prioritize at all times to prevent myself from being bias and foster inequality.

What I am trying to say is, we should all start within ourselves if we really want change and improvement – regardless of our patients’ age, sexual orientation, race, and background. And developing such strong sense of accountability within ourselves will in turn lead each one of us toward positive outcomes in executing designed strategies for integrated care.

Lastly, as I aim to become a future healthcare leader someday, my realization about the importance of getting things done systematically is I think very significant. Why? Because not only that I need to be efficient but I also want to make a difference. I intend to make a huge impact in this industry, which I am yet to discover how but. That’s what I dream about.

Iza xx


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