Baycrest, my second home

I still can’t believe this year I will be celebrating my 6th year in Baycrest as a Volunteer and a Nurse. It has been a wonderful ride ever since I started serving it’s people and the entire community. I’ve met so many amazing people along the way. And I am just so grateful I’ve been a part of such a huge institution but surely humbled by the success of their world renowned projects and accolades.

People I worked with as a Volunteer

Donna, Max, Mikey, Roger, Brenda, and the rest.

I have nothing but high respect for them. They played a vital role in my career and the kind of person I am today. I must say, they are the kindest and the most chill coworkers I have ever met. As a new immigrant at that time, I was adamant to get close to anyone but to them? I was my true self. In fact, with them never did I ever think healthcare environment could possibly be as stressful because they were all optimistic and joyful at work. Donna was such a great leader to the DI team. She inspired me to keep it cool and stay rational under challenging situations.

The Opportunity to work with Nurse Instructors and Nursing Students

Not only did I come across enthusiastic learners but also instructors who are indeed great in teaching their students to become ideal nurses. I will forever be grateful knowing I contributed to their success.

Working as a Geriatric Nurse in charge

When I was pursuing my degree in nursing I looked forward to specialize in Cardiology after. But, I guess at some point in life, suddenly fate takes over and it brings you somewhere you are really meant for.

Along the road, I gained so many learning experiences that are not only significant to my career goals but also to me as a person.

Through the years, I had so many realizations that influenced my perspectives in life, my values, and principles as a healthcare professional.

I am very proud to the kind of person I’ve become. I always try my best to do the right thing and not what is easy. I am not perfect and never will I ever be but one thing is for sure, I am prepared enough to face any difficult situation with decency and integrity. I intended to understand healthcare holistically since day one. I may not be the most impressive nor the one who always has something to say. All I have is a strong sense of professionalism that no matter what, I will always prioritize to deliver what is ought to the people and for the people I serve.

Eloisa xx

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