Colette Grand Cafe at Holt Renfrew Yorkdale

The Lounge

The Interior

The Food

Hi guys!

As time goes by, and as I age too, I rarely get to see, even my closest friends anymore. However, whenever I find time to meet with them, I always make sure that we spend that limited time in a place where, you know,  it’ll be worth it.

It was one Monday morning when I hung out with Gretchen – who is btw, one of the sought-after hairstylist in Toronto and her pretty daughter at Colette Grand Cafe. I invited her to try out this restaurant’s BRUNCH menu few weeks prior, little did I know they only serve BRUNCH on SUNDAYS. I am such a bad researcher.

Anyway, let’s forget about that part now. I was truly amazed knowing that apart from Bazille, there’s another place in YORKDALE where I can go to whenever I want serenity in the middle of a chaotic crowd of shoppers. LOL

Kidding aside, Colette serves French-cuisine with a touch of Mediterranean style. Customers get to experience good food from their exquisite menu in their chic and stylish place.

Personally, I love it to the point that I can see myself dining in with my loved ones and friends here to celebrate special events in my life, like pregnancy announcement, career promotion, birthdays etc.

Iza xx

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