Ethan goes to an Educational Camp this Summer

First of all, what is an Academic Summer Camp?

It’s main purpose is for children and young adults to develop their learning, communication skills, improve critical thinking, and assist them to excel in a particular subject area that they are most interested in like Science, Math, Robotics, Debate, Business, or Leadership.

It’s setting can either be in a school environment or outdoors. Something you really have to think about or consider when choosing the right program that fits your child.

Moreover, Campers can obtain significant life skills as well during the experience. And these abilities are meant to prepare them for success academically and in the workforce.

Why this kind of camp is perfect for my son at this time?

Believe it or not, my son will already start grade school in the Fall. And I want him, not only as READY as he can be, but also to be AHEAD in Reading, Writing, Math, and French. For me, it will also keep my child’s brain active until the official school year begins.

Which private school is he going to?


This educational institution opened it’s first branch in 2012 which specializes in Abacus Mental Math, Abacus Mental Math in French, English & French-Reading Writing ( JK-Grade 12), Curriculum Tutoring- Maths JK-Grade 12, Curriculum Tutoring- Science JK-Grade 12, EQAO Preparation.

It’s Summer Camp Program is generally designed to offer a fun and engaging learning experience for students of all ages, as opposed to having an unexciting summer school. What I like most about their curriculum is that they identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses first and then proceed in creating a plan that is best for every child. They are also willing to adjust and focus more in the area where the child needs to improve on.


Today was my son’s first day in Megamind and I couldn’t contain my excitement for him! I came home from work to a binder showing good comments about him, and it made me so happy. This is one of the main reasons why my husband and I work really hard – to be able to afford the best supplemental education out there. We really want him to succeed in life and the best thing that we can do for him to achieve that is to provide him all possible resources. And I know in my heart that I made the right decision for choosing an Academic School Program for him this season. 

Iza xx



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