A Day Trip from Toronto: Cobourg

Cobourg is a small town located in the heart of Northumberland County. It has been recognized as “One of Canada’s Best Places to Live” by MoneySense Magazine.

It was one Saturday in May when we visited this vibrant town, an hour East of Toronto. I told my husband I needed to throw flowers into the lake to honor my late grandmother who passed away few days prior. And for whatever reason, we ended up choosing this lakeside community located on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

We took the chance to explore the area at the same time and we were so amazed thereafter.

Where to eat

Jim’s Pizza Palace when I surfed the internet to look for what Cobourg could offer in terms of gastro, this parlor popped up and I learned everyone was raving about it. So we got curious as to why it’s so popular. When we got there, staff were amazing. They look like they are all related, I can not say if it’s a family business whatsoever because there’s nothing in their website confirming that, but. Their team seem like they’re wonderful people.

We ordered one of their signature pizzas – Medium Size Jim’s Combo. It has pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, bacon, and green peppers in it. We also partnered it with breaded wings.

The PIZZA is incredible! That’s all I can honestly say. I mean, firstly, they’re generous with ingredients. The one we had was so cheesy and so tasty. For me, it’s one of the best I’ve ever tasted. It really is a must try when you’re in town.







Dairy Dream is the oldest Ice Cream Shop in Cobourg, Ontario. The Cunnington family run and operate it since 1997, gladly serving soft and hard ice cream, authentic fruit frozen yogurt, and pre-order Ice Cream Cakes. They are only open from May – September.

This is a gem in this little town. The aura of the store is so vibrant that it’s so impossible for you to miss it. It’s just across the street by the beach, so it’s a perfect place to stop by after swimming.






Places to See

Cobourg Beach is where one of the famous events in Canada takes place, Cobourg Sandcastle Festival. It’s open year round but it’s busier in summer months as expected.

We did not stay long when we were there. It was still chilly that time. But what I can say is that, it’s really well-maintained, I didn’t see clutters around the area.




Cobourg Waterfront hosts one of the largest summer festivals in Ontario. It also boasts one of the greatest scenic, urban trail in Ontario where hikers and cyclists are all welcome to explore.










“This day was all about chasing good food and beautiful sceneries.”

Iza xx

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