The work out app that helps me!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick share of info for you all to know how I keep myself fit despite having a tight schedule! I don’t go to the GYM everyday, and when I do I just hit the treadmill for 30 mins and that’s it! ABS is never a priority in my life. I eat whatever I want, but less CARBS and SUGAR. LESS ALCOHOL TOO. I don’t have a sedentary lifestyle – but I eat junk once in a while.

Another thing I want to share with you though, I fast at least 12 hrs – 16 hrs in a day – it’s not for everyone. So I choose not to talk about it further. Maybe, later on.

But for now, let me introduce to you an incredible app that I use almost every day to keep me in shape!



You can download it for FREE!

The workouts available are from easy to intermediate to advanced and each takes for about 7 minutes to 15 minutes for the entire set. It also shows how many calories you lose after.


As to end, what important is you know your body well enough to know what works and what’s good for you!

Iza xx

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