Valentine’s Dinner Date

I’m pretty sure you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. And I bet some of you guys put on so much pressure onto yourselves just to make this day remarkable. I know it’s crazy more often than not. But, I do agree with the craziness it brings to everyone once in a year. At least, it motivates us to be a little more sweeter, creative, and drives us to plan or make an effort to do something different or special to make our partners, friends, and parents extra loved.

For us, we just had an intimate dinner at Bazille.

Location: Nordstrom Yorkdale Shopping Centre


To be honest with you, we did not plan ahead or did not at all. The past weeks were tough for us, Ethan and I suffered from severe allergic reactions which I choose not to share with you guys furthermore, I hope you understand.

However, a meal at a chic and romantic place should suffice we thought. Hence, reserved a table for 3 at Bazille via OpenTable Toronto.

The Restaurant

One word to describe it generally, SOPHISTICATED.

I remember when I was searching restaurants, I was looking for a place where it’s quiet and intimate as much as possible. I thought we really needed it after all the stress we had.

Bazille gave me everything I was opting for.

We had:

Bistro French Fries with Kalamata Olive Aioli

Nicoise Salad with Wild Salmon

Bazille Burger

Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Food tastes amazing! Although I do have a love and hate relationship with menus that show calorie counts on each meal. That’s just fine.

27866994_1833313850075592_9140887144851375457_n27867443_1833313983408912_8590298025728790848_n27868016_1833313853408925_4348247682895998566_n27752051_1833313973408913_4620460657648909405_n28313197_1842096755863968_955998791_n (2).jpg


“I love the fact that there’s a hidden oasis at YORKDALE though. Knowing the crowd and the madness whenever I’m there.” – Iza xx

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