Vegan Online Stores in Canada

This is going to be my very first entry on my blog site’s HEALTH category.

I have added it as one of my blog site’s main categories because… I mean, why not? I’m a healthcare professional anyway. Hence, I will make this platform my primary medium to share my knowledge about what I really do for living. LOL

Anyhow, anyone of you guys just changed (or still about to) lifestyle into VEGAN or is it much better to say, CRUELTY-FREE way of living? I know nothing about it to be honest with you. I am an absolute MEAT-LOVER myself since day one. I don’t even know if I could go green my entire life. BUT! I know some of you are now eager to become one. May it be because of a health issue, or achieving a certain life goal, or have just decided to change beliefs and what not, well… I have good news for you! If in case you’re unaware yet. Just an FYI, YOU can actually order VEGAN products online in CANADA.



Below are some of the awesome vegan products they sell online and at their physical retail store in Vancouver.


Well Canada offers about 40,000 of green and natural brands to its consumers. Some of them are as follow.


They claim to be the largest online source of RAW VEGAN FOOD and KITCHEN equipment in Canada.

I am not affiliated with any of these websites. I was just inspired by those who truly live VEGAN like JILLIAN HARRIS, host of LOVE it or LIST it CANADA. Like each time I see her posts on Instagram about Vegan Recipes, I’m like WOW. I truly get motivated and then realizes, I can’t live without rib eye steak, bacon, pork chops, rice, etc. etc. But.. who knows…

Anyhow, that is all for now. I hope this is something that is really helpful as you go along your VEGAN journey.

Iza xx

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