Wear with Style Launch

For some of those who are dear to me, they know how much I value TIME. I always allocate my time to significant things that, first of all, will make me and my loved ones happy and those things that are necessary for my growth as a human being.  Aside from working on making our TRAVEL DREAM DESTINATIONS happen, my other major life goals are to ace in my CAREER in healthcare and to create a community/business that individuals can connect and help each other to be productive.

Having that said, let me share with you one of my life goals that I achieved last year – the launch of my small company, my second baby, Wear with Style Pop Up Shops & Events. I opened a pop up store on my 30th birthday with an event called “SHOP & CONNECT”. I sold few fashionable clothing from my previous online store and invited some of my FRIENDS.

I have high hopes and aspirations towards this company. I know I still need to learn a lot for this company to profit and grow. As of now, for me, choosing the right affiliates and be able to establish good relationships will lead this company to success.


The launch was held at GALLERIA 814 and the store was open from 0900am – 0800pm. I chose this space basically because it’s reasonably priced considering it’s prime location and the artworks that were hanging that specific day. They were painted by one of the famous Canadian Inuit artists,  RUSSEL NOGANOSH.

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“I am looking forward to meeting people who will help me build this company into one of the sought after promotional event organizers in Canada. This company aims to become the primary connection between aspirants, budding entrepreneurs, and institutions that provide life-changing opportunities.” – Iza

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