Gretchen Cruz Hair Artistry

Hi everyone!

I announced few months ago a new category on my blog where I will be featuring suppliers to help you create a wonderful, dreamy event. For today’s post, let me introduce to you a very talented hair stylist from Ontario, Canada – Gretchen Cruz. Her company started with her passion and desire to make other people’s dreams come true. After she graduated in 2007 from Marca College, she worked at a hair salon where she developed her skills and dedicated herself for three years. In 2012, she was given the opportunity to do freelance hair styling under a company called Glam Nation Beauty Bar on the Go with her friends. Through that, she was able to collaborate with some of Toronto’s most creative individuals and gained expertise in bridal style and fashion. In 2015, she earned her first magazine publication internationally and another one in early 2016.

According to her, it is her utmost duty to herself and to her clients to keep on improving herself and keep on diversifying her talent – she considers it a lifetime commitment actually.  Which made me admire her more!

Scroll down to see some of her works! They are amazing! Each photo certainly shows how great she is in her craft and how impeccable she is as an artist.

Charuk-Gretchen-55Charuk-Gretchen-83Charuk-Gretchen-890Q4A58540Q4A5845Charuk-Gretchen-54Charuk-Gretchen-128Charuk-Gretchen-130Charuk-Gretchen-168Charuk-Gretchen-178FullSizeRender (4)

Gretchen Cruz Hair Artistry is a hairstyling company that caters brides and women who want to feel great through it’s bridal updo and blow services. It is dedicated to providing the most impeccable bridal hair services and stands so passionately about bringing the benefit for each client’s convenience. All her services are mobile. The best way to contact her is via email or call her directly at +16478969031.

Good luck! And feel free to message me your event with her!



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