All About the Company

What is Wear with Style Pop Up Shops & Events

It is a company owned by the author of Life with Style Blog, Iza Fugen who is also a Nurse by profession. It primarily sells fashionable Asian Clothing through POP UP Shops with events that are set to build connections between aspirants and successful individuals.

How did the owner come up with the concept?

Iza ever since loves clothes. Although she is not a fashion designer or stylist herself, she has always been fascinated by lovely dresses, tops, skirts etc. She started with an online boutique however she felt like something was missing. She then realized she wants to interact with people, talk to them, and know what they want in person. She also wants to promote Asian fashion in Toronto because obviously that’s where she came from so she supports it all the way.

On the other hand, with regards to the events, she always wants to empower people hence she thought of a way to create occasions where everyone shares great ideas and encourages each other. Newly graduates, immigrants, budding entrepreneurs, newly divorced, those who want to change their lives or whoever are able to meet successful individuals who can give them advice, motivations, and even resources in a casual, non-intimidating manner at WWS events.

She believes everyone deserves that one shot, a once in a lifetime opportunity, or another chance to improve oneself.

Moreover, for employers or business owners they might meet talented young people who can contribute fresh ideas to their companies as well.

When is it launching?

WWS first pop up shop will be open on September 2 at Galleria 814 from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm. The event is called “Shop & Connect” where consumers are to shop trendy apparel and get to meet the CEO of Staffmed Solutions, Vladimir Aizikov. He will introduce his company’s newly developed app which will easily connect caregivers and employers in Toronto. Nurses, personal support workers, and private companions can download it, upload their credentials, and create their profile for free. Employers can easily find caregivers for their loved ones by surfing on the app, choose, screen, and hire them directly.

“It’s not always about the money. It’s more of creating a new generation that will break the culture of crab mentality and egocentricity.”


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