Canadian Tulip Festival 2017

Let me continue a write up about our visit to Ottawa.

Canadian Tulip Festival

Launched in 1953, this event displays over one million tulips with over half a million of both local and foreign visitors hence claims the largest tulip festival in the world. Tulip, Ottawa’s official flower symbolizes friendship and peace was given as a gift to Canadians by the Dutch to acknowledge the Canadian troops’ role in the liberation of Europe and in Second World War. And to celebrate that momentous historical event, every May, people gather together at these 3 venues: Commissioners ParkMajor’s Hill Park; & Lansdowne Park Tulip Gallery.

This year, as one of my goals on my #journeyto30 and finally ticking this on my #CanadianLivingBucketlist, we headed over to Ottawa to join and witness how they commemorate their beautiful relationship with the Europeans.

Enjoy our photos below!

Iza xx

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