Gaining wisdom from people

Pursuing wisdom

I have given myself the task to focus more on people in my pursuit to start gaining wisdom before I turn 30. I made an effort to talk to people who I don’t know much and observed how they react to some circumstances. I came across individuals who have different perspectives from me. And each conversation leads me to a certain point where I practice how to understand the other person better.

And the following are just a handful of things that I discovered.

1. People have different ways of interpreting certain situations. Some tend to decipher things negatively. On the other hand, some look at the good side and take into account the significance of understanding each circumstance first before uttering words or acting on it.

I remember somebody just made a comment about a specific person saying, “Oh, she is a prostitute. I always see different men picking her up from work.”

And yet that person takes uber taxi.

2. When you tell some people about a “personal matter” – Only few are genuinely concern, most of them are curious. Those who are concern will listen to you carefully without judgment. But those who are curious will just gather information, fabricate a story, and spread it.

3. What can you get from a positive and a negative person?

If they are realistic optimists, they will tell you that life isn’t perfect. They will ask you to accept the fact that you will encounter failures but they will also motivate you to stand up and move forward.

They will encourage you to try new things, to go to places, to explore. They will make you realize that you can possibly create a happy and content life without basing it to what other people expect from you. They will advise you to live a life filled with wonderful adventures with your family and friends.

They will also teach you to say nothing but nice words about others. For them, those who hurt people intentionally and take the effort to look good by making other people look bad entail misery and hatred towards life and God.

On the contrary, you will always hear problems from Pessimists without solutions. They will pity themselves most of the time. You will see them play victim to gain attention.

Another thing, expression of hate comes in many forms. One of which is by giving passive-aggressive insults.

Moreover, they will also doubt your success. They will accuse you as a delusional human being because they see you as too ambitious for studying or opting for a new venture or for simply being unafraid to grow.

Reflection (a light-bulb moment)

From the experience, it made me realize that we all have the power to choose how to react towards situations. It’s either you spread love or promote hate. Or you choose to be kind through your words and actions or be cruel and hurt other people’s feelings.

Your beliefs might be different from others but when you try your best not to impose and prefer to respect other person’s perspectives can absolutely create a peaceful environment.

It is always your choice whether you choose to encourage rather than criticize. It’s your choice to understand rather than judge.

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