Hiking Date

If you were to ask me how I survived 5 years of marriage? The answer would be, I gave my all because I love to. I worked for it because I want to. I just hope my husband feels the same way as I do. LOL

Part of the hardwork — we still date.

Maybe some of you are still familiar about my husband and I’s hiking date last year, that I don’t know. But, let me just share it with my new readers, okay?

I never thought I would do something like this ever in my life. I was (and sometimes I still am) outdoorsy and adventurous way before, sure, I’ve done Edge Walk and Sky Ride in Cebu, Wall Climbing, Free Fall, and ATV ride in Pugad, Surfing in San Juan, etc. But never will I ever be romantic on top of a hill or a mountain, dripping in sweat and dead tired. LOL

However, when I stumbled upon an article stating hiking is a good activity to do to connect and strengthen relationships, my perspective changed. Ergo, hubby and I headed to Kelso Conservation Area.


Kelso Conservation Area

Kelso is considered as the Mecca to outdoor adventure enthusiasts in Canada. I totally agree. Why? Well, it has variety of trails, from easy to extremely difficult rocky, uphill and downhill, technical kind of tracks hikers long to experience. Moreover, it has numerous look out points too that give amazing views not only of Milton but also the Niagara Escarpment.

Certainly, the entire journey makes it the best choice for every hiker, either for a newbie or a professional one.



“Through ups and downs, we cry and win together. That’s all that matters.” -Iza

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