St. Catharines: Port Dalhousie

I don’t know about you but I have a strong fascination with sunset. There is something enigmatic about it that captivates me. Even you I suppose. I really appreciate how blue skies turn into pastel colors when the sun starts to approach the horizon. It’s just amazing. We are lucky to witness such an incredible phenomenon every single day. It inspires me to be more enthusiastic in life. And it makes me realize how beautiful God’s creations are, including me and you.

And because my husband knows me so well, he brought me to Port DalhousieIt is apparently 2 hrs away from Toronto by car. It is now by far my favorite place for sunset viewing.

Port Dalhousie is home to a historic harbourfront village and is known for picturesque sunsets in Ontario. There are perfect places to watch the sun go down during the day such as picnic tables and park benches around the vicinity.


The Beach

A gorgeous lakeside beach which gives not only scenic sunsets but also a magnificent view of City of Toronto. Amenities are: historic carousel, parking, playground, washrooms, snack bar, volleyball court, and walking trail.



The Lighthouses

Two lighthouses were built as navigational aids to direct the ships at the port.


Places like this help me and my husband contemplate about life. One of the perspectives that we were able to come up with was how to create a life of purpose and happiness. In this world, people usually are pressured to have the so called traditional determinants of success such as wealth and power. And those who pursue seem to be oftentimes unsatisfied. As soon as they receive “the” good things in life, let’s say job promotions, they tend to opt for a new car, a house, expensive bags, collect shoes, etc. right away. The impulse that they have when they see trends in magazine, tv, social media, may it be clothes, jewelries, phones, are uncontrollable. These are the things that determine a person’s status in this era and most of us want to show off. Only a few are courageous enough to prioritize the ones that are priceless.

Both of us are so grateful for all the blessings that we’ve received for the past years. When we noticed we’re earning more than what we were expecting for and with a strong possibility to progress, that was when, more than ever, that we realized the significance of creating great memories, appreciating the little things, and finding ways to inspire instead of being materialistic. We are not a perfect couple. We just want a better life. A kind of life made up of pure joy and genuineness.

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