Philippines: Discover the Hundred Islands

When the Department of Tourism Philippines launched their campaign, “It’s more fun in the Philippines” people, local and foreign, have gotten cray cray about it. All social media platforms are now bombarded with photos from each and every corner of the Philippines – even from famous bloggers/instagrammers like, Beautiful Destinations & Do You TravelTruly, this country which is made up of 7,107 islands has lots of incredible things to offer. From it’s people who is known to the world to be hospitable, to it’s food like adobo, sinigang, and even balut (keeps the whole world wonder why we even eat it), to it’s white sand beaches and hidden falls, to it’s culture and heritage, to it’s old churches – you don’t want to miss something like that in your life, do you?

I am just so lucky that Philippines is my country. And I am so proud that I am a Filipino. It’s beauty is incomparable to anything on Earth.

Now, for this post, I would like to share with you my family and I’s visit to Hundred Islands National Park – one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.


You might want to ask me why it’s called “Hundred Islands”. Well, it is composed of 123 islets during high tide and 124 islets during low tide. The islands are in fact corals scattered and appear to have mushroom-like shapes in Lingayen Gulf, northwest part of the Philippines.

Among all the islands, 3 of them are the most popular for tourists – Quezon Island, Marcos Island, and Children’s Island. As for the environmental fee, visitors are charged Php 40 for a day tour and Php 80 for overnight.

From Manila – 254.2 km by car (4 hr, 4 min); From Baguio City – 133.9 km by car (3 hr, 9 min); From Dagupan City – 61.0 km (1 hr, 25 min)


Things to do

  • Rent a boat for a day tour and hop from one island to another. 


SMALL (good for 5 persons)
Day Tour:
– Regular – Php 1,000.00
– Day Tour Service Boat – Php 1,400.00
– Regular – Php 2,000.00
– Overnight Service Boat – Php 3,000.00

MEDIUM (good for 10 persons)
Day Tour:
– Regular – Php 1,300.00
– Day Tour Service Boat – Php 1,800.00
– Regular – Php 2,500.00
– Overnight Service Boat – Php 3,800.00

LARGE (good for 15 persons)
Day Tour:
– Regular – Php 1,500.00
– Day Tour Service Boat – Php 2,000.00
– Regular – Php 3,000.00
– Overnight Service Boat – Php 4,500.00


  • Stay at one of the gazebos at Quezon Island and grill seafood!



Quezon Island

Picnic Tables and Picnic Area
– Day Tour – Php 200.00
– Overnight – Php 300.00

Tables in New Pavilion
– Day Tour – Php 200.00
– Overnight – Php 300.00

Tent Space / Pitching Fee
– Overnight – Php 200.00

Tables for Rent
– Day Tour – Php 200.00
– Overnight – Php 300.00

– Day Tour – Php 600.00
– Overnight – Php 1,000.00

FLOATING COTTAGE(good for 15 persons)
– Day Tour – Php 1,000.00
– Overnight – Php 1,500.00

– 1st Floor (Day Tour – Php 3,000.00), (Overnight – Php 5,000.00)
– 2nd Floor (Day Tour – Php 4,000.00), (Overnight – Php 7,000.00)
– 3rd Floor (Day Tour – Php 2,000.00), (Overnight – Php 2,500.00)

– Day Tour – Php 3,000.00
– Overnight – Php 5,000.00

Wooden / Concrete Tables w/out Shed
– Day Tour – Php 500.00
– Overnight – Php 700.00


  • Snorkel in the middle of the pristine sea and witness the amazing corals and colorful fishes underneath.



  • Make sure to go to the view deck at the Governor’s Island where you could see almost the entire national park. Seeing the coral islands from that part is nothing short of amazing!



  • If you don’t mind diving in a cliff well you should try doing it at Imelda’s Cave located at the Marcos’s Island!



  • Private Banana boat ride with the whole family is definitely one bright idea! Get ready to get wet and have a blast !



Scenic views around the Hundred Islands


It was absolutely a perfect bonding time with our family before we leave for Canada. As for me, it is but time for Filipinos to appreciate and love this place more for I thought it’s always been underrated.

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