Iza, the Author of Life with Style Blog is also a Registered Health Care Provider in Ontario, Canada, and the Owner of Wear with Style Pop Up Shops & Events. She is a wife to a Design Engineer in a Manufacturing Company and a mother to a handsome, smart boy.

Based on the premise that LIFE must be lived happily and with meaningful purpose, she developed this personal website to showcase how she lives her life with her own style – STYLE that inspires others to chase TIME, LOVE, and GOOD CHARACTER.

She believes that one individual can possibly have feeling of contentment and have a meaningful life, if he will invest on spending quality TIME with family and friends, he will seek for LOVE, and will try his best to be of GOOD CHARACTER and be a blessing to everyone.

This blog brings you to her world filled with wonderful adventures with her loved ones, how she celebrates every milestone in her life, and her journey in achieving her goals, which makes it a source for INSPIRATION and HOPE.

Enjoy reading!!!